Essential Tools to Starting a Home Based Career

Starting a home based career is more than just having a comfortable working space and a functioning computer. You need to have the actual skills and tools for it to fully work smoothly. Online tools make home based careers more efficient and in fact easy. Here are some tools that will help you make your home based jobs a breeze.

1. Google Account

It is probably the most popular and handy tool to have. You simply have to have a Gmail account and you will get free access to a variety of tools Google has to offer, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Groups, and GTalk to name a few. On top of all that, you will have free access to having a YouTube account and Google+.

2. Skype

The most popular communication tool for home based workers. It is free, fast, easy to install and a very good call and chat platform. Navigating skype is a breeze even for non-technical people.

3. LinkedIn

Is the most professional Social Media platform a home based worker can join. Take Facebook and remove all the Spam postings, gather up all professionals and business entity in a single venue and you get LinkedIn.

4. Jing

Jing is a free tool for creating screen captures and instructional videos. Instructions are easily understood if you could actually see through the process. With Jing, you can capture what is exactly in your screen in image or video format while giving instructions or annotations along side.

5. Teamviewer

If you think Jing is amazing, wait till you get to try teamviewer. It has a paid premium account but you can play on and use their free service to create meetings or allow remote access to your computer.

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