Why Join Virtual Coworker?

Home Office, Big Impact

  • We provide opportunities for Filipino professionals to work with global clients.
  • Our processes are designed to make your work-life easy and stress-free.
  • A contract and letter of offer is issued upon hiring to secure your position.
  • We’re always available to assist and help resolve any work-related matters.
  • Payrolls are processed on time, every time, using our reliable payroll system.
  • We offer long-term, stable work opportunities on a part-time or full-time basis.

Work-Life Balance

Join the Virtual Coworker team and transform your professional life from the comfort of your home. As a valued member, you’ll enjoy career growth, competitive pay, and the priceless benefit of spending more time with your family.

Working from your home office means collaborating with international clients without the hassle of commuting through endless traffic or enduring harsh weather conditions. Embrace the freedom to save money and enhance your lifestyle, all while advancing your skills and career. Say hello to a balanced life, where personal well-being and professional development go hand in hand.

Choose Virtual Coworker, where every day at work is as rewarding as it is convenient.

Thinking of Joining Us? Make Sure You Meet Our Requirements:

  • Good to excellent English communication skills.
  • A suitable home office or dedicated workspace.
  • Readiness and discipline to work from home independently.
  • Verified background and solid work experience in your chosen field.
  • Stable internet connection and up-to-date computer or laptop model.
  • Visit our FAQs for more information on requirements.

Important Information

  • Staff are considered “Independent Contractors”. Hence, the usual employee compensation structure is not applicable.
  • Pays are computed based on the staff’s hourly rate. No deductions or mandatory contributions will affect your monthly pay, thus, you get your pay in full.
  • There are no benefits, such as HMO, leave credits, 13th month, and SSS. If you’d like to continue with your mandated contributions, you may do so individually or as a voluntary member.
  • Work schedules must be strictly followed. Your work schedule is based on the client’s time-zone preference. Holidays observed are based on the client’s location, aside from the universal holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Holy Week or Easter break.
  • We offer long-term roles, which last a minimum of 1 year but may extend to years ahead. However, if your contract is terminated, you’ll only receive payment for the days you’ve rendered before your last day at work. No separation pay of any sort.
  • The company releases salary once a month. Payout is scheduled at the end of the month BETWEEN 25th to 30th of the month. Once hired, you may inquire more information from our Payroll team.
  • The following are required to be installed on your computer at the time of hire: Team Viewer and our proprietary time-tracking software, which takes a screenshot randomly during your working hours.

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