3 Lessons Home Based Professionals Can Learn from Pope Francis.

Posted on February 3, 2015

1. Be a Leader and Start with your Self

In the Pope’s message to the government leaders, he said “reject every form of corruption”. Being irresponsible and unreliable at work are forms of corruption. If you can’t or don’t want the job, don’t stay in it and corrupt the opportunity from others who can and will do it. As home based professional, you should be a leader to yourself. Set high standards for your work with discipline doing the best you can to “say NO to Corruption”.

2. Take responsibility

Pope Francis showed not only sympathy but also how to take full responsibility upon hearing that one of the youth volunteer in Tacloban died. He met with the father of the volunteer to personally condole him. This small act provided us a compelling example of how to take responsibility. It takes strong guts to say sorry, own up to the wrongs committed, and alleviate the damage.

Everyone commits mistakes as it’s easy to misconstrue instructions from clients who are a thousand miles away. But it takes a responsible home based professional to admit it and do something to correct it.

3. Do not just talk, Communicate

Pope Francis spoke “poor English” as he claims. But his smile amidst the heavy down pour and despite being so tired spoke directly to every Filipino’s heart.

As home based professionals, we could learn to communicate more through other means aside from just talking. Use tools, sheets, reports and management systems to help you relay work progress, status updates and anything you want your clients to know. After all, technology when used properly is a divine gift!

Across religions, personal beliefs and yes, even location, Virtual Coworker extends its invitation to all qualified and committed home based professionals to come and explore our new job opportunities. Through these new vacancies, may we become a blessing to you as you become one to others!