There are countless of opportunities for you to work online but with the rise of opportunities comes a number of virtual employee wanting to get a piece of the pie. Thus, if you want to stand-out you need to be more than good, you have to be impressive.

Here are some tips for you to take when starting a career virtually.

1. Be attentive to Details

When given a task, listen to instructions carefully and ask questions if necessary. Common mistake is to pretend you understand just so you can impress your employer. Check all the needed details and deliver an impressive result.

2. Be Pro-Active

A good virtual employee would do as what they are told, but an impressive Virtual Employee is not afraid to give out ideas and suggestions if this will benefit the client in the long run.

3. Be Organized in All You Do

Manage your calendars properly, take note of important dates and deadlines, have a proper documentation, send reports on time. A great virtual employee is organized especially so that they are working separately from their employers.

4. Communicate

The key to a successful offshore relationship is communication. Keep your communication lines open and be responsive to your client. If they require reports, deliver them on time.

Working home based is an option many Filipinos are taking in to consideration nowadays. With the increasing demand for home based offshore workers, we are given more career options and alternatives to better our lives.

One common misconception about working at home is that it is an easy job. True! You get to work at the comfort of your own home but it is never easy in any way. It entails a lot of physical and mental conditioning. Needless to say, it demands a lot of dedication and hard work.

To get ready to work home based, one must need to prepare the following

1. You need room to work.

Set aside a defined space for you to work. Work away from distractions and anything that could hinder your productivity. A professional office space ensures a more productive output on work.

2. Invest in a good computer and reliable Internet connection.

The bread and butter of working home based is a good and conditioned computer plus high-speed internet connection. If you want to join in the bandwagon of home based industry, invest in these items.

3. Back-up Office

You don’t want to make a bad impression on your client. Knowing the condition of the Philippine Internet providers, one must have a back-up plan for working. As when the Internet fails or in times of power outage, where would you go? Consider the options you have in your location.

Extra Tip:

Prepare an impressive RESUME, build a good portfolio and dedicate yourself towards the application process. Working home based takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Crooks have invaded the online industry and the most common target are the web users looking for home based jobs. With the desire to please prospective employers, most victims fall for whatever the scammers ask for. Don’t fall for the scam tactics; use these tips to help you avoid common scams.

1. Do your research and know who you’re dealing with

Resources online are your best defense. Do your research, Google is a friend you can count on when an offer from someone you don’t personally know arrives. Online jobs are basically a trust and confidence relationship between you and an employer from another country so be sure to make an educated decision.

2. If the job offer is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true

If you are offered 30,000 PHP a month to do data entry task for 2 hours a day, be very weary. An offer that is too good to be true is usually not true. If you are serious about considering a career online, equip yourself with proper knowledge and objective assessment of your skills and experience to avoid falling for bogus offers.

3. No sending of money

Con artist insists that applicants wire money. The money could either be for application processing, legal documentary stamp, or whatever purpose they could think of. Don’t give in to the bait no matter how small the value is. A potential employee asking for even a single peso is your biggest WARNING not to push through.

4. A decent online job undergoes a proper recruitment process

Keep in mind that online jobs are just like any other jobs. They need to qualify applicants to see if they are fit for the job they are applying for. If the screening process is skipped, no interviews are made, you are not asked to submit your resume, take this as a warning sign.