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What Our Virtual Assistants Say About Their Journey

Happy Filipino Virtual Assistant

“Things like commuting, distractions, bad weather, and politics can really make it hard to be your best at work. For many of us, these kinds of stress are a daily struggle. That’s where working from home comes in as a game changer.

From my own experience, working remotely has ramped up my productivity and made my days more fulfilling. Instead of feeling stressed, I’m now focused, driven, and happier. The best part? The flexibility of working from home doesn’t just up my game professionally—it lets me spend quality time with my family, too. I’ve never been able to balance being a good employee, dad, and husband as well as I can now. Life just keeps getting better!

Big thanks to Virtual Coworker for making this possible. It’s opened doors for me to add real value to our clients and help our company thrive and grow.”

Virtual Assistant

“I’ve been with Virtual Coworker for a year now, working with a digital marketing agency. At first, I thought Virtual Coworker was all about short-term gigs, but here I am celebrating my first anniversary! I’m really proud to be part of a professional community, and the pay and simple payroll process are huge pluses—no nightmares like some of my friends who work from home have had.

The recruiter really went the extra mile to match me with a job that fits my skills. She kept me in the loop and made my onboarding smooth. And my client? She’s one of the coolest bosses ever. She’s super supportive but also lets me learn and grow on my own.

After working in various industries for over 20 years, I’ve finally found the perfect job right here at home. Thanks, Virtual Coworker! I’m excited for many more productive years ahead.”

Social Media and PR Assistant

“I’ve always wanted to work from home. They made it possible, thanks to Virtual Coworker. Now, I am reaching new heights with my career and at the same time, I am earning competitive remuneration than working from an office.”

PHP Developer

“I’ve always dreamed of working from home, especially after having two wonderful kids. I freelanced for five years, but life threw some curveballs, and I had to go back to office work. Commuting in a busy city was a hassle and took up so much time. Joining Virtual Coworker was a game changer—they made my dream come true again.

Now, I have a steady, long-term job that pays well and lets me work from the comfort of my home. Thanks, Virtual Coworker! I hope you keep helping IT professionals like me who want to work from home and show others just how great it can be.”

.Net and iOS Developer

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“Ever wondered what real happiness and success feel like? If you’re curious, update your CV and send it to Virtual Coworker. Like me, you could be sitting in your comfy chair, enjoying the freedom to work professionally from anywhere. Virtual Coworker isn’t just about finding you a job—it’s about finding you a job that brings a smile to your face every single day and happiness that lasts forever.”

Creative Animator

“I’ve been with VC for over three months now, and I’m really happy here. First off, the staff are super friendly and welcoming. Second, I always get paid on time. And the best part? They pay me well. Plus, the application process was quicker than I expected.”

Virtual Assistant

“Virtual Coworker is the best. They truly live up to the idea of “taking care of your people.” Even though I haven’t met anyone from the team in person, I feel like I’ve known them forever. I really admire the professionalism and integrity that Virtual Coworker maintains.”

Architectural Draftsperson

“I’ve worked in the BPO industry for over 7 years, and Virtual Coworker is the only company that has let me fully explore my skills while balancing my personal life. No more graveyard shifts, commuting, lateness due to traffic, or absences because of bad weather. Now, I can work comfortably from home and spend more time with my loved ones.

Thank you, Virtual Coworker, for revitalizing my social life and giving me this opportunity.”

Social Media Marketing Specialist

“Virtual Coworker has redefined freelancing for me. The system and setup are top-notch, and the staff is excellent. They handle all the accounting, so I can focus fully on my client projects. The salary system is so efficient, you’ll see your pay quickly and easily. If you’re seeking a new BPO for your home-based career, look no further than Virtual Coworker.”

WordPress Developer

“Building your employer’s trust and confidence is key, especially when they can’t see you every day. To prove your worth and excel remotely, here’s a simple formula: maintain constant and open communication, deliver top-level output, follow their rules and processes, and meet your deadlines responsibly.”

Virtual Assistant

“This is my first job, and Virtual Coworker made it a fantastic experience. I’ve felt a sense of professionalism and confidence while working here. It has shaped my personality and helped me realize that work should be something you love—not just a means to earn, but something you truly enjoy doing.”

Social Media Manager

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