Happy Coworkers.

"Working from home is that I feel the best solution in avoiding external stress (commute, distractions, weather, politics, etc.) that can contribute to an employee for not being at their best when it’s time for them to work. It gets the best of us most of the time.

So for me, I can say that working from home has brought me a greater sense of productivity and fulfillment each day. Stress is now replaced with commitment, a driven attitude, and contentment. Why contentment? Not only of the convenience and flexibility of remote working it brings, but also because - for the very first time in my whole professional life, I’m experiencing all of these whole host of benefits with my family which makes me an effective staff, father and husband at the same time. It can’t get any better than this!

Virtual Coworker - thank you for making these possibilities a reality, and an opportunity opening for me to contribute value to our clients, and be a significant part of the companies growth and success."

Virtual Assistant

"I have been with Virtual Coworker for 12 months now, handling an account from Power Digital Marketing. When I initially applied, I thought Virtual Coworker offers short term jobs only. But hey, I celebrated my first year anniversary. I am so proud to be a part of a community with professional colleagues and I am especially pleased with the compensation they offer, no complicated payroll process (unlike the horror stories I heard from some of my friends who are also working from home. Ms Raine made sure I was profiled for a position that best fits my qualifications. I am very certain that she went out of her way to let me know that I was on her active file and walked me through the process to make it a breezy onboarding. Ms Marissa, my client from Power Digital is one of the coolest bosses I've had. She is very helpful, yet she allows me to learn as well.

After more than 2 decades of being an employee from various industries, I can finally say I have the perfect job in the comfort of my very own home. Thanks to Virtual Coworker. I am looking forward to more productive years with you."

Social Media and PR Assistant

“I’ve always wanted to work from home. They made it possible, thanks to Virtual Coworker. Now, I am reaching new heights with my career and at the same time, I am earning competitive remuneration than working from an office.”

Randolph L
PHP Developer

“Working home-based has always been my dream ever since I had my own family. Now that I got two wonderful kids, it even made me want it more. I was working freelance / home-based for five (5) years, but because of some unfortunate events, I need to find a job and become an employee which requires me to work in the office again. Going in and out from the office is very hassle and time-consuming especially if you live in a busy city. I was very happy when I got into Virtual Coworker, they made my dreams come true again. I now have a very steady, long term job, a very competitive salary and happily working from home. Thanks, Virtual Coworker. I hope you’ll continue to help more IT professionals who prefer to work from home and to let others experience how great it is to work from home.”

Richard T
.Net and iOS Developer

“Want to know and feel the real meaning of happiness and success? If you want, prepare your latest CV and send it to Virtual Coworker to get the right job for you, like me sitting on my own https://intruehealth.com/ chair embracing the freedom to work with professionalism. Virtual Coworker is a great company, simply because they’re not just providing jobs for you, once again not just a job, but a job with a smile every single day, and happiness that will last forever.”

Allen L
Creative Animator

“I’ve been working with VC for more than 3 months now and I’d say I am very happy working with them. One, the staff are really friendly. They are very accommodating. Second, they pay me on time. And my favorite part, they pay me handsomely. Also, the application process was faster than I thought.”

Virtual Assistant

“Virtual Coworker is the best. The people at VCW really put meaning to the term “taking care of your people”. Though I haven’t met any of the VCW personnel yet, I feel like I’ve known them all my life. I also admire the professionalism and the integrity that VCW has.”

Architectural Draftsperson

"Working in the BPO industry for more than 7 years, Virtual Coworker is the only company that has given me the opportunity to explore my skills while maintaining balance in my personal life. Goodbye to graveyard shift, to commuting to work, to coming in late due to traffic and to being absent due to bad weather. Now I can work in the comforts of our home [wearing nothing but my boxer shorts] and spend more time with my loved ones. Thank you Virtual Coworker for giving me back my active social life and for the opportunity."

Social Media Marketing Specialist

"Virtual Coworker is my new definition of freelancing, the system and setup are great, and the staff is excellent. Accounting is done by the staff and I have more time to focus working on projects provided by the client. The salary system is fast that you will see it in your hands with ease. If you are looking for a new BPO for your home-based career, don’t hesitate with Virtual Coworker."

WordPress Developer

"You work on building your employer’s trust and confidence in what you do and can still do. Every day, you should prove your worth and you’re doing great even if they cannot see you. Here’s a simple formula to achieve this: constant and open communication, top-level output, abiding in their rules and processes, and being responsible with your given deadlines."

Virtual Assistant

"This is my first job experience, and Virtual Coworker made it wonderful. I felt professionalism and confidence while working here. It build my personality and made me realize that work should be something you love, not just because you need to earn, but because you enjoy what you're doing."

Social Media Manager