Rebecca Jones.

Posted on September 16, 2019

When we originally contacted you in 2011 we were looking for some assistance with the ever-growing administration requirements of our website content including news and media releases.Your Recruitment Manager, Paula Iglesias, was thorough in her assessment of our business needs and the interview process was very well managed. After interviewing several candidates via email and phone we felt confident that our new coworker would fit in well with our dynamic business.

Now, some 2 years down the track, we are absolutely delighted with our valued colleague, as she has been an important contributor to several of our businesses in many different capacities. She is proactive and enthusiastic to a degree that continually exceeds our expectations. In fact, our “Virtual Coworker” has become a good friend and is very much a part of our team.

Our administrative, operational and fiscal dealings with Virtual Coworker have been faultless. We have found the team including of course, Raffie, Mae and yourself to be professional, communicative and considerate.

As our businesses grow we look forward to long and productive relationship and it would be our pleasure to recommend your services to your prospective clients.