Ashleigh Hoult.

Posted on September 16, 2019

“Right from the start, I found utilising the services of Virtual Coworker to be seamless. The Management Team communicated consistently and effectively with me, and getting my Campaign up and running was an easy task. My Virtual Assistant Francis, was personable, easy to instruct, and performed the tasks with ease. Outsourcing the admin tasks that usually bogged me down during the work-week, lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.Francis had a strong level of professionalism, as well as great skills for the tasks that I set. If there was anything he was unsure about, he would always ask. He also strived for perfection – if a task needed to be completed in a certain way, he would endeavor to do so, within the guidelines. But initiative was also present; if he had an idea for making a project even better, he would always make me aware of it.

This service freed me up to focus on the core of my business, and to not be bogged down by admin tasks. I will definitely be using the services again in the future.”